Thursday, March 30, 2006


hee hee hee. this one leaked out. so much fun when these things find th elight of day. I like the way he turned out, except the clothing is kind of dullsville. perhaps I'll clean him up and color him. ok now, back to work...



there is so much inspiration out there! put some 80's music on the itunes, coffee directly in front of me and fiancé out of town, and voila! sketches! I think I'm getting back to something I can respect, but still a long way to go. wha' happened? to omuch time teachin gthe stuff, and not enough time doing it. damn responsibilty.


getting back on track

so lately it has been so hard to draw. I beat myself up trying to get something I like. and, for some reason, I can kind of break through the barrier by drawing people in saggy underwear, the kind where all the elasticity has left the things. it is cathartic, I reccomend it. if you recognize yourself here it is unintentional, I promise.


jury doodie!

so I started my spring break by reporting to jury duty. My luck is bottomless. here are some sketches of my fellow apathetic servants. notice the forced attempt to look disaffected so as not to be chosen for a long trial.