Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just returned from Ottawa a few days ago. I went out for the Television Animation Conference and the festival. I had an amazing time, and I have stories to tell! but that requires typing and I just dont have the where-with-all to type that much right now. but I will, I promise. in the meantime, I have to share this. I ran in to Mo Williams, we have met and hung out prior to this trip. we were waiting for the bus to take us to the picnic. she was with her husband, the amazing and funny, funny Richard Williams ( who I had taken a masterclass from years ago and he thought he recognized my name. how nice of him to lie like that) and teh legend known as John Canemaker. we decidec a cab would be faster, so I got the opportunity to taake 2 cab rides and hang out all afternoon with these legends of animation! I was overwhelmed. They will be in Portland soon and I hope to spend more time with them. I took these pictures, firts, of all threee of them, then growled at myself for not being in the picture! but then I got one of me and John later. they were so funny and genuine. and I promised Mo I would have a dead-on impersonation of her accent by the time she arrives in portland.

oh, and these

these were for a few series pitches I had been working on. one idea is mine and one is for somebody else who is not me. they are both sort of shelved for the time being, as other ideas have received some really great interest form network muckity mucks. I'll post images of those soon, if I can.

other projects

I cant really talk about these, as they are for projects still in th' works, as they say, but I like the way some of these are going....any thoughts?

short film

and then there's this: here is a character for a short film I'm doing called "My Daughter's a Girl". profound, I know. I hope to have screen tests up soon, the animation is nearly done, then the assisting will happen. i met an great animator/director from Rio de Janero ( I know I spelled that wrong) last week named Rodrigo ( we met in Ottawa) and we talked for a long time about style, etc. I love to be inspired by cool animators. the trouble is, a new idea has taken root in my head and I am really, really eager to get started on it! where are we with that cloning thing, anyway?

the other images are development sketches for the film.