Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I borrowed this phrase from Joe! Thanks Joe ! I love it! I am going to write more when I find some time and my studio isn't so bloody hot, but here are some new sketches. any comments?

an homage

I know this is a stretch, but here is a tribute to a favorite painter of mine, Thomas Eakins. I love his sense of light and color. This the Swimming Hole, done in 1884. I studied this while starting a Master's program at the University of Montana and the instructor called it 'Diego and his Friends' because he had a dog named Diego who looked just like the dog in the picture. so many of the younger students still think that is the real name of the painting! I love that he did this and it makes me think of when I tech, what bad jokes are my students taking for real? anyways, here is the inspiration, and my quicksketch depiction of it ( think I need more figures?)

more soccer moms

do you remember that scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you know the one, where Richard Dreyfus cant get the image of Devil's Tower ou tof his mind. I have the same thing with naked soccer moms. I sit down at the Cintiq and these images come to mind. I really don't know what I am trying to accomplish from it, I may have mentioned this all in an earlier post. I am fascinated by the thought of women who were once really hot, but motherhood and time have taken their toll ( hey, were all there at some point) and now they are trying to look sexy again ( for their husbands?) but cant get the essence back in their moods. I love humans! we are so weird. anyways, these sketches stem from that impulse...