Sunday, August 22, 2010


My film "My Daughter is a Girl!' has been officailly accepted in to two festivals so far! I am waiting to hear on one more. I kept the entries low, not expecting much. but if I had known I would get these ultra cool laurels sent to me, I would have entered anything that I could! can I wear this on my hat?

some early sketches

and here are a few early sketches in the design process. i am not posting all of them. I think I am pretty close on this dude, he may change a bit in the storyboarding process depending on how his acting affects his personality and his 'look'. these earlier ones he is a bit too fat, I think. yes?

latest film designs

so I am currently embroiled in the storyboards for my latest film, tentatively titled 'UnResolved'. but before i can get any of those done, I needed characters, obviously. The story is awesome, and the main character, who does not have or need a name, is kind of a milquetoast, wimpy, but curious dude. He needs to look submissive, but with a scent of wanting to regain control of his life. He is not a killer, not exactly a victim, but not aggressive either. The mosquito still has room for development, I think. He needs an eye at least, but his movement will do more to describe him than an expression will. I cant decide on the hat or any other clothing for him. any opinions?